Ancient Temple

Kanak Bhawan

This was the complete gold palace of Queen Kaikeyiji. Which she gave to Janki ji in the ritual face showing. This of Shri Ram Janaki the special palace is. Sadhus, especially the saints of the Rasik sect, have an unparalleled loyalty to this place, where one or the other wonderful event often happens. When the huge building 'Kanak Bhawan' built by Vikramaditya was demolished by Syed Masood Salar Ghazi, this place was lying in ruins since then. It has been built by the Maharani of Tikamgarh, Shri Vrishabhanu Kunwar, in the form of a beautiful huge building which is presently present.
In the beginning of Dwapar, Maharaj Kush specially transferred it, then in the middle Dwapar, Maharaja Rishabh did the version.
Lord Shri Krishna Chandraji traveled to Sanurag Ayodhya in Gati Kali 614. With him, Maharani Rukmaniji also came to Ayodhya. Maharaja Vikramaditya organized this organization in Yudhishthira Samvat 431 and created the era, Maharaj Samudragupta renovated it in Vikram Samvat 444.

Sumitra Bhawan

On the south side of Shri Ram's birth place, there is a place called Sumitra Bhavan. On this Shri Lakshmana and Shatrughna were born from the womb of Queen Sumitra Devi. There was a palace built by Maharaja Vikramaditya at this place in Hijri year 724. Which was destroyed in the attack of Babur. At this place a stone is installed with the words Sumitra Bhavan.

Hanumangarhi (Hanuman Ji Temple)

When the ancient temple of Shri Hanuman ji built by Maharaj Vikramaditya was destroyed, people started calling that place as Hanuman Tila. During the reign of Nawab Masoor Ali Khan Safdar Jung Sahib of Lucknow, a Mahatma named Baba Abhay Ramdasji Tyagi used to live there by making a hut. He was a great saint. It is said that Hanuman ji had given him a vision.
Once Nawab Mansoor Ali Sahib fell seriously ill. Medicines of great Hakims and Vaidyas were done to no avail, the prayers of hundreds of Muslim mystics came to no avail, then Mahatma Abhayram Dasji was summoned by Maharaj Tikaitarai.
Mahatma ji took the name of Hanuman ji and gave him some medicine to eat. The Nawab became well after taking that medicine. In response, Nawab Sahib got this Hanuman ji's temple (Hanumangarhi) built.
That temple was built under the chairmanship of Maharaja Tikaitarai. Hanumangarhi has 4 strips. Hardwari, Bastia, Ujjainiya 1 Tikait Nagar (District Barabanki) and Sagaria. There are four different mahants of the four patties and on top of the four mahants there is a big mahant, who is called Gaddisin. About 5000 sadhus reside in Hanumangarhi, who are given raw food, flour, rice, pulses, wood etc. out of the income (increase) of the temple and on the day of Ekadashi, two rupees per person is given as fruit. The Mahant of Hardwari Patti is Shri Murli Dasji.

Shree Anand Bhawan

Lord 'Ram' spent his childhood at this place. Shri Kakbhusundiji is seen in this temple.
This ancient temple was lying in dilapidated condition for a long time, which was built by the famous nobleman of Basti city Shri Panditji Ramsundarji Pathak by spending about one lakh rupees.

Kaikeyi Bhawan

This place is present on the north side behind the temple Kop Bhawan, at this place Shri Bharatlal ji was born from the womb of Queen Kaikeyi. There is a pagoda of Shankarji, inside which a very beautiful stone idol of Ganesha is kept. The said idol is said to be of very ancient times. Many people have also seen them. There is great importance to visit this place.

Gupt hari (Guptarghat)

This is the most sacred place where Dasaratha Kulbhushan Shri Ramchandraji went to his divine abode (Saket) secretly in Saryu. There is an ancient temple of Lord Hari Gupt here. Every year on Sharad Purnima a big fair of bathing festival is held here.

Kop bhawan

After the being angry of Queen Kaikeyi, this place was named Kaikeyi's Kop Bhawan. This temple falls on the right hand side of the road while going from Hanumangarhi to Janmabhoomi.
In the temple, Maharani Kaikeyi is lying wrathful, nearby Maharaj Dasaratha is sitting sadly, Rama and Lakshman are standing next to him asking for permission to go to the forest, at a distance Manthara maid is standing hunchbacked. Thousands of travelers come here to visit this temple. The present Mahant of the temple is Shri Chetramdas Ji Maharaj.

Sita Rasoi

This is the same ancient place where, after getting married from Janakpur, Shri Janaki ji first made a kitchen and fed her father-in-law, Shri Dashrathji Maharaj, and the four brothers, Ram, Lakshmana, Bharat and Shatrughan. In this temple, a beautiful idol of Maharani Janaki ji sits inside a cave. And the hearth etc. has been kept.

After the Babri Masjid was built at the ancient birthplace, Shri Swami Ramdasji alias Gudad Baba, a dear disciple of Acharya Pad Devmurari Dasji, buried his tongs and settled himself here. After that a beautiful temple named Janmasthan was constructed and established the Nav Vigraha of God in it. A Gudrhi of Shri Gudar Baba's time is kept at this place. When the gudarhi is torn, another cloth is put on it. When someone is made a new mahant of this temple, then he is given the Mahanti by wearing the same gudarhi. The present Mahant of the temple is Shri Haridas Maharaj.

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